Laser Wheel Alignment

Laser wheel alignment is the most accurate technology for correcting misalignment issues and will significantly improve the handling and safety of your vehicle. Incorrect wheel alignment can result in excessive fuel consumption, poor handling and pulling to one side. We use state of the art wheel aligning equipment for pinpoint accuracy to ensure your wheels are perfectly aligned. To book your vehicle in, please get in touch.

How Can I tell If My Wheels Are Misaligned?

There are many tell-tale signs that your wheels are incorrectly aligned. They include the steering wheel not sitting in a centred position when the wheels are straight, uneven tyre wear, a loose steering wheel and the sensation that the car is pulling to one side when being driven.

Benefits of Laser Wheel Alignment?

Wheels can easily become misaligned through everyday driving conditions. Hitting a pothole, curbing the vehicle or driving over a bump in the road too fast can all lead to incorrect alignment. Benefits of laser wheel alignment include:

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