You should not underestimate the importance of good tyres. They are the only contact between you and the road. Each tyre touches the road surface on an area that is approximately the size of a postcard. When a tyre is under-inflated, heat builds up inside the tyre, which may eventually lead to a blowout. Tyre failure may cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, which is particularly dangerous on motorways or dual carriageways. 


One sign that your tyres need changing is noticing a deterioration in performance. For example, your car does not handle or grip the road as well in poor weather conditions as it normally does, or it takes longer to stop when you apply the brakes. The fact that tyres wear gradually can make it difficult to identify the reduction in performance, so it's best to have them checked regularly and preferably by an expert. We will be glad to help you. Our tyre prices are extremely competitive. We have given some examples of common tyre sizes below:






          Supply and fitting charges including wheel balancing and

          environmental disposal fees:



              205/55/16      £48.95 plus vat      -    Goldway                          Budget Tyre 

                                    £71.95 plus vat      -    Avon                                Mid Range Tyre 

                                    £93.09 plus vat      -    Michelin                           Top End Tyre


              225/45/17     £52.90 plus vat       -    Doublestar                       Budget Tyre 

                                   £62.23 plus vat       -    Bridgestone                     Mid Range Tyre

                                   £114.08 plus vat     -    Michelin Primary HP        Top End Tyre 


              245/40/18    £63.95 plus vat        -    Goodride                         Budget Tyre 

                                  £101.95 plus vat      -    Avon                                Mid Range Tyre 

                                  £126.95 plus vat      -    Dunlop                             Top End Tyre 






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