If your MOT is due then call to book your vehicle in with Penhale Garage. We offer class 1, 2 & 4 MOT testing right here at our VOSA approved test centre for just £45 including tax. So, get in touch to book your vehicle in for its annual inspection.

When is My MOT Due?

If you are unsure when your next MOT is due, then simply check your vehicle’s MOT status online and it will show you when your current MOT expires.

If your vehicle is over three years of age it will need to be submitted for an annual inspection. This rule excludes classic cars that were registered over 40 years ago.

What Will be Tested During the MOT?

The inspection covers many aspects of your vehicle. So, knowing what to look out for before you submit your vehicle for testing can help to give it the best chance of passing the first time. It is easy to fail on minor things such as faulty lights, so make sure you give your vehicle a once over first. As a guide, the test will include but is not limited to the following parts of your vehicle:

MOT Repairs

If you are worried about your car passing the test then we can offer pre-test inspections. On the other hand, if your vehicle fails, we can provide a quotation for the repairs and book your vehicle in at a suitable time for you. Furthermore, we offer courtesy cars if you need access to a car while your vehicle is in for repair. We also offer a free retest within 10 days of the initial inspection.

Contact Penhale Garage

To book your MOT, simply give us a call or pop into our garage workshop.